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The work piece, such as rubberized fiber and leathers, can be sewed more smoothly.

2. 與傳統式比較之下,滾輪式押腳能避免皺摺,減少壓痕。  
Compared with traditional roller presser foot and can prevent the wrinkles and    beautiful finish avoid sewing track after sewing by use roller foot   (use roller wheel will appear rolling track after sewing)

Eliminate the need of additional puller, wheeling machine, needle feed machine and walking    foot machine in some case.

4.減少使用步靴及針送車等防皺車種和拖拉輔助裝置的需要。 可減少設資設備。  
Reduce the friction and eliminate the need of lubricant。 Save investment equipment.

Higher durability than Teflon or Rubberized presser foot by more than 800 times.