100 % Manufacture Industrial spare part in Taiwan (MIT)

We are a highly acclaimed company engaged in the field of manufacture and offer industrial sewing machine spare parts and technical goods of all kinds industrial parts since 1976.

Our produces are widely used in high quality industrial sewing machines & all kinds of precision industrial machines.

Material processing to finished products from the surface treatment, we have a great professional skills.

We can provide the customized full service and material selection to satisfy the best quality, minimum cost, and quick response requirement. For the shortest product developing time, we help each customer to promote its market competitiveness.

In 2010, we design , development & produced the highly acclaimed and popular of IPHONE mobile aluminum protective case, "and continue to developing produces for another mobile accessories".


Our Main Produces Application In:

  • KGL Industrial sewing machine spare parts & another components
  • Will Special sewing machine as the customers require " .
  • WiLLwill Aluminum mobile protective case such as IPHONE , HTC, SAMSUNG, SONY…etc. .
  • Supply all kinds of complete line for produce


We have a great professional skills to processing for following products & another:

     》Parts design & Precision machining processing
     》Metal with non matel material processing
     》OEM / ODM processing
     》Precision parts processing
     》Samples processing
     》Thin material processing
     》Medical device spare parts
     》Implantable medical device parts processes
     》Fixtures, Jigs, Inspection Jigs, Dedicated Jigs, Optical parts processing , Electronic parts
     》Industrial heat sink, Led heat sink processing
     》Remote controls the Helicopter, Boat, Airplane and Car spare parts
     》Textile machine parts
     》Test equipment parts
     》Printing machine parts
     》Knitting parts machine

Catering to the growing needs of diverse industries

Our flexible business model is to seek balance among these three models--

Own Brand Manufacturing (OBM).
Original Design Manufacturing (ODM).
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

We have supplied parts and service for hundreds of different brands & makes already.

We have experienced team to design, technology research and development production.
Our management team is creative and focus on efficiency.
We have industry-recognized products, precision processing technology and quality adherence.


100% 在台灣生產的工業零件 (MIT)

  自1976年以來,我們專注於工業用縫紉機零配件生產 和 其他具高品質且技術性工業的
  我們生產的產品廣泛應用於高品質工業用縫紉機, 各類精密工業機器零配件

  以最短  的製程和開發時效,提高您的企業競爭力。

  在2010年,我們自行研究、設計和生產的 iPhone 行動電話鋁合金保護殼廣受好評。 



KGL 著重於 工業縫紉機零件  & 各種工業精密零件高品質生產、加工
Will 著重於 客製化自動化縫紉機設計 & 縫製流程相關規劃
WiLLwill 專於開發行動電話 鋁合金高強度保護套


》OEM / ODM 加工
》工業用散熱片、散熱器, LED散熱片